June 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the new Turning Point Montessori Newsletter!  Please be patient while we experiment with the format, but we promise to make it fun and exciting and full of useful information.


School Ends — June 13
Summer Program — June 16 – Aug 8
Kinder Graduation – June 27

Summer Supplies List (please bring by June 16)

  • Set of #2 pencils
  • Set of colored pencils
  • Set of basic paint brushes
  • (2) small bottles of acrylic paint (any color)
  • (1) large or (2) small bottles of washable watercolor paint
  • (1) tub of wetwipes
  • (1) large sanitizer
  • (2) boxes kleenex
  • (1) roll paper towels
  • (1) can of Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • (1) 4×6 or similar size art canvas
  • (1) ream of printer paper

Please kindly donate your cleaned bottles and aluminum cans to us.  While we share in saving the planet, teaching the children eco-responsibility, we can also use money towards school field trips.  Thank you!


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