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The core educational rubrics that make up our program.

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We accept children 2 through kindergarten. We provide an education, based on the core concepts of the Montessori Method, which supports the philosophy that each child is an individual learner. Children learn though a variety of exercises, including practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, science, geography, and cultural awareness. In addition to our core academic programs, we also offer yoga, art, music, gymnastics and Spanish

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Language Materials

These are activities by which the child phonetically acquires the basic skills for complete writing and reading. At a very early age the child develops an understanding of the parts of speech, oral expression, creative writing, interpretive reading and appreciation of prose and poetry. The language program also includes what we call “keys to the cultural subjects”. Once the child is versatile in the

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Mathematical Materials

These are activities by means of which the child does not learn mathematics but discovers them. The child acquires the necessary skills to calculate in the decimal system and in others bases (i.e. the binary system) by exploration moving from concrete experiences to abstraction.

Sensorial Materials

These are activities for the development and refinement of the senses. The materials isolate one single physical quality from the environment (e.g. dimension, color, shape, or texture). Focusing on the use of one sense at a time (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) enables the child to exercise and refine each sense to the utmost. This refinement is essential for the development of the mathematical

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Exercises for Practical Life

The principals of self-awareness.

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Find out more about Dr. Maria Montessori, history and principals.

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Our Philosophy

Learn more about the Montessori concept of education.

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